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Mixers and Parts

Dynamic Mixers offer the ultimate in performance! With the power, size and durability to handle all of your commercial kitchen blending, the entire line of mixers has just what you need to cut down on prep time, and leave you open to create the masterpieces that you desire. The new cooling technology ensures longer life for your mixer.

Check out the Dynamic master line, which offers the most advanced and versatile mixers in the industry. These units are strong, dependable and are perfect for pots holding up to 25 gallons. Additionally, our wide variety of attachments adds flexibility for your food preparation needs.

Dynamic Parts

Excel Parts List for Downloading

Salad Dryers - Spinners

Don't be fooled by imitations. Dynamic is the original inventor of the commercial salad spinner. Whether you choose a manual or electric option, both are quick, efficient, and can dramatically improve your food prep costs!

With many sizes and styles to choose from, there is a salad dryer which is sure to fit your every need. We offer the entire line including:

  • Manual
  • Electric
  • 2.5 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
  • Sealed Cover
  • Parts

Vegetable Cutters

The perfect manual kitchen tools. Simple and practical to use for rapid and efficient dicing, slicing and shredding of vegetables. The safe cutting systems are made with surgical stainless steel blades, ensuring clean consistent cuts of vegetables, fruits and cooked meats. Great for soft vegetables too. These units are simple to clean and the blades are easily interchangeable.


The PA 96 Dynajuicer is quiet and sturdy. It runs at 1500 R.P.M. and is great for juicing lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit. All easy to clean components.

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